Building Your Custom Home with Richardson Homes

Are you looking for the perfect home for your family but can’t find one that satisfies your requirements? Why not build one with every feature you desire? Richardson Homes has more than 25 years of home-building experience and is here to make your ideas a reality, building your family a top-quality, luxury home at an affordable price.

Steps to Buying a New Home in Oklahoma

During your homebuilding process, you will work with a certified builder to decide every detail of your home’s inner and outer look. Our team will help you find the best finance rates and connect you with quality contractors for your plumbing, roofing, electrical and carpentry needs. Once you decide on a lot, you will watch your home take shape with your customized selections.

The Benefits of Building Your New Home

Building your new home allows you to customize your space to suit your style and needs, giving you the freedom to decide every detail, from the flooring to the roof. In a newly built home, everything meets building code standards, saving you years of money and time in renovations. It’s a personalized experience and core memory for your family.

Homebuilding Terms of Richardson Homes

There is a lot to learn and understand when building a new home. It may seem complex and foreign to you, but the professionals at Richardson Homes are here to lend our knowledge and simplify the process for you. We will gladly help you understand homebuilding terms and regulations so you can feel up to date during your homebuilding process.

  • Easements. One homebuilding term that is important to familiarize yourself with is easements. Easements allow companies or the city to access your property for electrical wires maintenance, for instance. Easements typically run along the rear and side of yards.
  • HOA (Homeowners Association). The homeowner’s association comprises a group of property owners who make decisions about the neighborhood’s deed of restrictions and other essential community covenants.
  • The Lot. The lot refers to the property your house will be built on. The lot includes city utility easements. When referring to the size of a lot, you will hear the measurements discussed in terms of square feet, acreage, or length times width in feet.
  • Homeowners’ Tax Advantages. There are several homeowner tax advantages. Mortgage points and interest paid to mortgage taxes are deductible, as well as city, county, and state taxes. Home renovations using a home-equity loan are also deductible from your taxable income. Real estate taxes paid are deductible as well.
  • Moving Checklist. Avoid feeling rushed by creating a checklist for your move. Divide your checklist into time frames (for instance, an eight, six, and four-week checkpoint mark) and then a list for the week of your move. Organizing tasks is an excellent way to ensure you do not forget any crucial details.
  • Moving Tips. We recommend keeping a copy of your mover bills and checking that everything is in order. Never pack valuables like jewelry, sensitive computer data or personal documents with movers. Contact your municipality to arrange pet licenses and other ordinances and visit your local post office to ensure your mail forward is operational.

Choose Richardson Homes as Your Custom Home Builder

As one of the largest custom builders in Oklahoma, we have the skills to ensure a smooth home-building process. We build high-quality, affordable homes while creating lasting relationships with satisfied customers. We also partner with the best vendors and manufacturers to ensure our homes are built to last. Check out our gallery to see what we can do for you.

Richardson Homes Wants to Build Your Custom Home

Richardson Homes is the company for you if you are in the market for a new home built with the finest quality materials by experts in their craft. Let us build you a luxury custom home that will house all the memories you create with your family for years to come. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!