Quality Home Designs Built by Experts

Think about your dream home for a moment. What would it look like? What features would you include? How would you lay out the perfect house for your family?

Whether you are able to picture your dream home in detail, or you have a few ideas you still need to think through, rest assured that your dream home is well within reach.

Did you have immediate answers for each of those questions? Did you struggle to picture certain details of your dream home in your mind?

Building a new, custom home is a commitment, and we know you want your home to be perfect.

A Home Designer You Can Trust

Richardson Homes’ custom home designer can partner with you to help finalize your ideal design for your new home. Whether you come in with a blueprint in hand or want help sifting through ideas and designs, let us help! Richardson Homes has been designing and building homes for Oklahomans since 1991. We’re ready to build the home of your dreams.

You can even bring in ideas you’ve seen on the Internet. See something on a Pinterest board that you think would be the perfect addition to your new custom home? Bring it to us and our designer will work with you to find the best way to incorporate it into the blueprint. You’ll leave confident in knowing that our home designer has put together a design you’ve approved and that the final result, once we build the home, will be even better.

Design Your Own Home in OKC Today

Conveniently located in Tuttle, Richardson Homes is only a phone call or short drive away from helping you design and build your dream home in Oklahoma City. Whether you want to live in the rapidly growing northwest sector of Oklahoma County, the bustling Edmond community, or anywhere else in the metro, we can bring the blueprint of your custom home to life.

Our top-of-the-line luxury features allow you to create a warm, inviting home. If you’d like to meet with our on-staff home designer and get started on your new custom home design, visit the Richardson Homes location nearest to you or contact us today!

What does a home designer do? 

The designers at Richardson Homes are here to work with you to ensure you get the home you dream about. Our designers do several things to plan the details of your custom home build. 

Custom Designer Kitchen Example
  1. Walk you through your ideas and design. Our designers walk you through the build process and answer questions you have about custom design. With Richardson Homes, your home is completely custom and the design options are extensive. If you do not want to design every element of your home, your designer will make suggestions and provide information to simplify the process. 
  2. Help you navigate the material options. Materials play a big role in the design and look of your home. The difference between an average kitchen and a luxury kitchen can come down to the materials used. Our designer will help you select the best material for your home build and guide you through the options for finishes. 
  3. Visualize the design for you. It’s not always easy to imagine how things will come together. Your designer has extensive experience and can provide the vision you need to see your home come to life.