Custom Home Designers and Builders at Richardson Homes

Richardson Homes in Oklahoma City walks our families through the entire process of building a home with expert guidance from our home designers and home builders.

The process of building a new home can be overwhelming for the average person, but our custom home builders have been through it thousands of times.

We know what to expect and what problems to warn you about. At the same time, we want to help you turn your ideas, sketches, and dreams into a palpable home design and floor plan that our team can start building.

Our Home Designs Come From Your Ideas

At Richardson Homes, we welcome your ideas. We build customized homes, which means we need to know what you envision for your perfect home. One of our favorite moments in the entire building process is when we get to meet with you and your family to discuss what features and styling you want. Are you looking for a timeless farm home design in Shawnee, Oklahoma, or a luxurious Mediterranean-styled home with pillars and an ornate fountain? We can’t wait to hear about what you have in mind. Then, our expert home designers. can help put it down on paper and create a detailed home design.

Guiding Families Through Designing a Customized Home

Once Richardson Homes’ home designers have figured out what type of home you are imagining, we can walk you through the design process. We can show you floor plans and any other design schematics that we are forming along the way. This way, you can help us know if we are moving in the right direction to build the home you want for your family. Even if you don’t know precisely what style of home you want, we can guide you through your options and help you design an entire customized home from scratch.

A Design Process That Turns Your Ideas into Floor Plans

We have built thousands of homes at Richardson Homes by sticking to a tried and true methodology. We start by walking through your ideas with one of our experienced home designers. They want to collect your ideas, so they can know where to begin. Then, we help you navigate your options for materials. We can’t start building until we know what type of stonework, woodwork, and other materials you prefer. Finally, we create a personalized home design from the ideas and preferences we have gathered. This gives you a detailed floor plan and a picture of what the finished project will look like.

Our Home Designers Know Every Style

Whatever type of home design you can imagine, Richardson Homes’ home designers can help you prepare to build it. As you begin to envision your future home, you should consider the various styles and options. As you look into each style, you may learn better ways to explain exactly what you want. We customize all our homes, so a style is only a jumping-off point, but it is a very useful way to begin getting ideas for your home’s design. The main home styles are:

  • Modern home designs
  • Colonial home designs
  • Midcentury modern home designs
  • Transitional home designs
  • English home designs
  • Contemporary home designs
  • Mediterranean home designs
  • Farm home designs
  • French home designs

Start Designing Your New Home Today

If you are considering building a new home, it all starts with a beautiful home design, floorplan, and blueprint put together by a professional home designer. Richardson Homes helps you through the entire process from start to finish. You can come to us with a simple idea and a plot of land. We’ll turn it into a beautiful home that you and your family will love. To get your new home started, schedule an appointment by calling us or filling out a home design contact form here.

Design Your Own Home in OKC Today

Conveniently located in Tuttle, Richardson Homes is only a phone call or short drive away from helping you design and build your dream home in Oklahoma City. Whether you want to live in the rapidly growing northwest sector of Oklahoma County, the bustling Edmond community, or anywhere else in the metro, we can bring the blueprint of your custom home to life.

Our top-of-the-line luxury features allow you to create a warm, inviting home. If you’d like to meet with our on-staff home designer and get started on your new custom home design, visit the Richardson Homes location nearest to you or contact us today!

What does a home designer do? 

The designers at Richardson Homes are here to work with you to ensure you get the home you dream about. Our designers do several things to plan the details of your custom home build. 

  1. Walk you through your ideas and design. Our designers walk you through the build process and answer questions you have about custom design. With Richardson Homes, your home is completely custom and the design options are extensive. If you do not want to design every element of your home, your designer will make suggestions and provide information to simplify the process. 
  2. Help you navigate the material options. Materials play a big role in the design and look of your home. The difference between an average kitchen and a luxury kitchen can come down to the materials used. Our designer will help you select the best material for your home build and guide you through the options for finishes. 
  3. Visualize the design for you. It’s not always easy to imagine how things will come together. Your designer has extensive experience and can provide the vision you need to see your home come to life.
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