Luxury Custom Home Building Features in Oklahoma City

The Luxury House Builders at Richardson Homes

The luxury homes built by Richardson Homes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, are top-of-the-line, custom-built estates where you and your family can live together for decades.

We build homes that are domestic and made to fit your family’s needs, but they are also luxury properties made to last and increase in value over time.

We want to provide this page to give you a taste of the luxury features we can construct into your home. Once you see how marvelous your future home can be, you will probably want to get started building right away.

What Is Included in a Luxury Home?

  • Gaming rooms
  • Outdoor recreational areas
  • Circular driveways
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pool
  • Home gyms
  • Home theaters
  • Massive walk-in closets
  • High ceilings
  • Open floorplans
  • Wine cellars
  • Laundry chutes
  • Home bars
  • Energy-efficient features

Luxury Home Builders That Keep Your Safety in Mind

When building a luxury home, your family can make a house that is safer than ever before.

Richardson Homes often like to bring families’ attention to the safety features available to them while building their home, like security systems, emergency lighting, and generators. Nothing matters more than ensuring that your home is safe and secure.

Many safety features are at your disposal, starting with sturdy cast iron fencing and gates. On top of that, there are many security systems and smart safety features like carbon monoxide detection and even safe rooms. We like to build safety right into your home.

A Luxury Home for Every Family

Luxury homes in Shawnee & Oklahoma City are just as luxurious as a Mediterranean-style villa surrounded by pillars and a circular driveway in the city. Whatever image you have in mind, we can build it and make it magnificent along the way.

Luxury Custom Home Building Features in Oklahoma

Our Luxury Custom Home Builders’ Process

At Richardson Homes, we have designed a specific process to make luxury homes. Our luxury house builders follow this process to ensure that we build a world-class home that is beautiful. At the same time, we want your family’s house to feel like something entirely your own. We want it to reflect your individuality. So, we utilize the following system:

  • Learn from you about what you want in a home.
  • Show you styles and custom home design ideas that we think match the home you envision.
  • Create a detailed design and floorplan that gives you a concrete image of what your home will look like.
  • Adjust the design we created based on your input to make it look like the home of your dreams.
  • Build your forever home while keeping you informed every step of the way.
  • Move your family into your new luxury home.

Your Journey Towards a Luxury Home Starts Today

After looking at everything our luxury housebuilders can do, you are probably ready to get started designing and building your own luxury home. We are eager to get started on your house too. The sooner we get started on your home the sooner you can move into it. So, let’s not wait any longer than we must. To begin the process of getting your dream home, call us to schedule a brainstorming meeting or fill out our luxury home building contact form here.