Designing Your New Home with Richardson Homes

Everyone dreams of what their perfect home would look like if they had the chance to design it. Richardson Homes makes that dream a reality, allowing you to create your dream home while working alongside our talented team of home builders.

Finding Inspiration for Your New Home’s Design

We encourage our customers to garner inspiration for the design of their new homes anywhere they can. Social media platforms provide a plethora of home design ideas to inspire you. Check out our gallery of homes for more ideas.

Your Home Design Should Reflect Your Style

It is easy to get caught up in labels: farmhouse, Victorian, or modern? While these are gorgeous home styles, you don’t need to pick just one. Your home design should reflect you. Your custom home does not need to fit into any specific category. Incorporate elements from various styles if that suits you best.

Utilize a Professional Home Designer

Designing your home can be an exciting experience, but it can also be a stressful experience. To facilitate your design choices, consult with your home designer. A home designer knows the proper questions to ask to understand your vision and style, and they can connect you with industry-leading interior designers.

Finding Your House Style

Richardson Homes offers every type of home style you can imagine. While your chosen home style is just a starting point to the creative process that is designing a home, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with available home styles.

  • Modern Homes. Modern homes are classified as homes with clean lines and geometric shapes. They are simple, asymmetrical, and free of added features like shutters or columns. They are a trendy choice.
  • Colonial Homes. Colonial homes received their name due to being the traditional home style of the U.S colonial era. They are typically rectangular with flat exteriors, large chimneys, and steep roofs.
  • Mid-century Homes. Mid-century homes are generally single-level homes with open floor plans, clean lines, and large windows. They offer an indoor space that works harmoniously with the outdoor space.
  • Transitional Homes. Transitional homes are a beautiful mixture of modern and traditional homes, offering a contrast of both styles that complement each other.
  • English Homes. English-style homes generally have lots of wood detailing, making them cozy and warm in nature. They have a countryside feel.
  • Contemporary Homes. Contemporary homes have large open floor plans and are usually built for sustainability. They also favour the features of a modern home. Contemporary homes have a clean and simple look.
  • Mediterranean Homes. Mediterranean homes have features of other style homes combined; they resemble seaside villas and have an air of luxury. One notable trait of a Mediterranean home is the low-pitched roof that hangs over the structure of the house. The roof is usually red tile.
  • Farm Homes. There are different types of farm homes: traditional farmhouses, modern farmhouses, or farmhouse ranches. These homes are functional and offer open living spaces with a cozy feel. They often have large front porches.
  • French Homes. French-style homes are usually stone or brick, with tall, steep rooftops and huge windows. They offer a rustic appeal and are very elegant and classy.

Understanding Architectural Styles

Knowing your architectural options for your new home and understanding the differences is essential so you can relay your vision to your home builders effectively. The elements typically included in architectural styles are the form, method of construction, building materials and regional character.

Choose Richardson Homes to Design Your Custom House

Richardson Homes offers a variety of different types of houses, home styles, and unique features. Our team of custom home builders strives to bring your dream home to life, incorporating your amazing ideas into your new home. We work hard to ensure you are satisfied throughout every step of the design process.

Contact Us to Design Your New Home

Richardson Homes is here to help you, from inspiration to completion. Our talented team of home designers is ready to walk you through the design process and create a floor plan you love. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.