How Much Does It Cost To Build A Custom Home?

Building a home in Oklahoma can be more cost-effective than doing so in many other states. However, the exact cost of your custom home depends on a number of factors, including the size of the home, materials for floors and countertops, types of fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms, and many other internal and external elements.

The beauty of a custom Richardson Homes house is that all of those elements are up to you! It’s YOUR dream home.

This custom home calculator can help you determine an approximate cost of your home as you consider what features mean the most to you. Once you have a potential plan in mind, along with an estimated cost, we can help you finalize all the details.

With a new house from Richardson Homes, one factor you can be sure of is quality. Whatever features you choose, Richardson Homes promises you excellence, from the foundation to the rooftop.