Bob & Jean Moses

Guthrie, OK |

Let me begin by saying I don’t know who hires your employees, but they need to keep up the good work. We have never worked with such a great bunch of people. They were always so pleasant and professional. The first person I had the pleasure of meeting was Claudette. What a great lady. She always made you feel good just hearing her voice. I know at some point she has bad days, I just never could find one. Claudette put me in touch with Sean Steiner, who made an appointment with us to come to the office for our initial meeting. Sean explained to us how Richardson Homes worked and the services they provided. He answered our questions, gave us a booklet telling us about the many qualities of your homes and gave us an overall tour of some of the plumbing fixtures, tile, etc., that we could choose from if we chose to. I know he stayed with us long after his day was officially done, but he never gave any indication that we were infringing on him. Sean worked with us throughout the building of our home and was great. We appreciate him and thank him for his hard work.

Our next great hero is our superintendent, Ron Coffey. What a neat man. Ron build our home in Guthrie and we lived in Weatherford at the time, so there were lots of phone calls and decisions made long distance, and Ron came through for us every time on everything. I feel so confident in Ron Coffey, we could take a trip to Europe and he would build the house we wanted just by talking on the phone. My husband or I could call and always reach Ron, regardless of the time or day. Ron would call and say that I needed to come and meet with one of the subcontractors on a certain day and I would do just that and Ron would be there at that time or shortly thereafter, so everyone and everything was on the same page. If there was ever any questions, Ron called us and never took anything for granted. If we ever build another house, Ron Coffey will be the one man we would want working with us. Ron, thank you for all your many hours of putting up with me.

Every supplier and business we went through to pick out things for our home and every craftsman that worked in our house was top of the line in their field. The men who laid the brick, wired for lighting, laid the carpet and tile, made the cabinets and trimmed them out, all did beautiful work.

I would like all of you to know what a beautiful custom home you build for us and how proud we are to show it off. Actually, having Richardson Homes is rather like winning the lottery. People seem to show up and ask to see your home and look at what Richardson does in their building and we are proud to tell them what a wonderful experience it was to work with you and your employees and show them what you all did for us.