QuotesMr. Dennis Lee

Owner, Richardson Homes

October 2, 2014

My wife and I met with Mrs. Kym Mason of Richardson Homes, with our intentions of building a new home. We gave her a rough diagram of our future home. We were advised that an architect would draw up plans from our diagram. She also gave us a prepared list of what the allowed cost would be based upon the standards according to the square footage of the home. We met again to make adjustment and changes to the drawings. During this time we were emailed drawings for our approval.

Our final meeting was to sign contracts and have instructions of agreement. There has been no question on cost or and surprises of additional costs. Everything has been up front and out in the open as what everything would cost us. We want to thank Ms. Mason as she has been a pleasure to work with from our first initial visit to introducing us to our Superintendent Mr. Hal Pettit. We met Mr. Pettit at our construction site lot. He showed us the layout on the build site. After our meeting we would meet with him at all phases of the build. He would give us advice on anything he felt would benefit us. His expertise has certainly been extremely helpful. He is very knowledgeable and knows his business. Mr. Pettit has become like family to us, as we feel completely confident in all his suggestions. Hal has definitely gone above and beyond all our expectations.

I have heard it said that building a home would test your marriage. Mr. Pettit removed any stress from this build.

I have already recommended Richardson Homes to many people looking for the Best Home Builder in Oklahoma, and will continue to do so. Our dealings with all office and construction have been very pleasant. Our home shows the workmanship of your ads. Richardson Homes certainly lives up to their advertising. Keep up this quality and building of more beautiful homes.


S.T. and Joyce Bolding

Proud New Richardson Home Owners

P.S. Note to Mr. Hal Pettit-take your wife to dinner on us with this gift card as an expression of our gratitude for all the wonderful work you have done for us.


— S.T. and Joyce Bolding

QuotesDennis Lee & Richardson Homes,

Thank you for your help during the past several months. We are extremely pleased with our new home and have been impressed with Sean. As promised, have a Richardson custom built home is entirely different than our previous “custom building” experience. Thank you for allowing us to stray from “the norm” to achieve the look we wanted.

Jeff, Rhonda & Jensen Bridges

— Jeff, Rhonda & Jensen Bridges

QuotesMr. Richardson,

We are closing on our home next week and we just wanted to let you know what a wonderful “7 months” we have had. Actually, it began way before that when we started working with Kym Mason, what a precious person she is. She was so helpful, and king to us. “we adopted her” a big thanks to Brandi and Tasha also. Then we met Bobby Jackson, and the home was started. Couldn’t say enough about how great Bobby is. Im sure he got tired of all my calls to him, but he was always so patient and helpful- he guided us on things to change and add or take away some of our ideas, we are so glad we listened to him. A special thanks to Eddie, the frame builder, I had so much fun with him. A special thanks to Roy Milam, I had so much fun with all his “kidding me about my changes. All of the “crews” who work for you are great people. Can’t say enough about Mary Anne Cantwell, she spent hours with me helping me pick out paint colors, tile, backsplash and granite. Because of her guidance I have a beautiful home. Again we love our home, you build such beautiful, quality homes and we have one.

Jim & Barbara Goostree

— Jim & Barbara Goostree

QuotesMy last two custom homes have been built by Richardson Homes. From simple French Country Design to Elegant Contemporary Design, they can do any style. Construction of the home is not their only asset, as a great friendship was formed in the process as well. I would highly recommend Richardson Homes to anyone interested in building their dream home.

— Les Hibdon

QuotesDear Mr Lee and Mr Richardson.

Let me begin by saying I don’t know who hires your employees, but they need to keep up the good work. We have never worked with such a great bunch of people. They were always so pleasant and professional. The first person I had the pleasure of meeting was Claudette. What a great lady. She always made you feel good just hearing her voice. I know at some point she has bad days, I just never could find one. Claudette put me in touch with Sean Steiner, who made an appointment with us to come to the office for our initial meeting. Sean explained to us how Richardson Homes worked and the services they provided. He answered our questions, gave us a booklet telling us about the many qualities of your homes and gave us an overall tour of some of the plumbing fixtures, tile, etc., that we could choose from if we chose to. I know he stayed with us long after his day was officially done, but he never gave any indication that we were infringing on him. Sean worked with us throughout the building of our home and was great. We appreciate him and thank him for his hard work.

Our next great hero is our superintendent, Ron Coffey. What a neat man. Ron build our home in Guthrie and we lived in Weatherford at the time, so there were lots of phone calls and decisions made long distance, and Ron came through for us every time on everything. I feel so confident in Ron Coffey, we could take a trip to Europe and he would build the house we wanted just by talking on the phone. My husband or I could call and always reach Ron, regardless of the time or day. Ron would call and say that I needed to come and meet with one of the subcontractors on a certain day and I would do just that and Ron would be there at that time or shortly thereafter, so everyone and everything was on the same page. If there was ever any questions, Ron called us and never took anything for granted. If we ever build another house, Ron Coffey will be the one man we would want working with us. Ron, thank you for all your many hours of putting up with me.

Every supplier and business we went through to pick out things for our home and every craftsman that worked in our house was top of the line in their field. The men who laid the brick, wired for lighting, laid the carpet and tile, made the cabinets and trimmed them out, all did beautiful work.

I would like all of you to know what a beautiful custom home you build for us and how proud we are to show it off. Actually, having Richardson Homes is rather like winning the lottery. People seem to show up and ask to see your home and look at what Richardson does in their building and we are proud to tell them what a wonderful experience it was to work with you and your employees and show them what you all did for us.

— Bob & Jean Moses, Guthrie, Ok

QuotesDear Dennis Lee.

There is a tremendous amount of trust that goes into contracting with someone to build your dream home. We are so thankful that we trusted our dream home to Richardson Homes.

We wish to thank the Design Team of Kym Mason, Lisa Lewis, Roger Kneeland and Josh McCandless for their assistance in the design and selection phases of construction. They were wonderful to work with. Kaye Moore was always available during the closing phase with answers to all of our questions. A special “Thank You” goes to Hal Pettit, our construction manager and new best friend for his attention to detail to make sure that our home met with his high quality standards.

Your staff made us feel as though we were part of a family. Their concern for our new home was genuine and we never felt like we were ever on our own during this project. Please convey our appreciation to them and feel free to use us as references for Richardson Homes.

— John & Peggy Kingery, Guthrie, OK

QuotesTo everyone at Richardson Homes.

When we first made the initial decision to build our custom home, we had no idea where to begin. I made phone calls to several builders and ended up more unsure than I was to begin with. We heard numerous horror stories from others who had built a home. Some people even told us that we would end up close to divorce by the time we were through building and that we wouldn’t agree on anything. Others warned us that the builders and contractors always make several mistakes and never finish on time.

When I called Richardson Homes to inquire about building, Chad answered all of my questions and was able to lead me in the right directions. Every stop of the building process was made so easy with your company and I am happy to say that none of the horror stories occurred with our experience of building a home. We were so pleased with everyone at your company because they were always friendly and well informed. Every time I called, for whatever reason, I received a warm reception and honest answers. We absolutely LOVE our new home and appreciate your hard work and dedication. We recommend Richardson Homes to everyone we talk to and tell them what an easy experience it was. Thanks so much!

— Deborah & Rick Fleetwood

QuotesDear Mr Lee:

It has been nearly a year since I wrote Mr. Richardson expressing my good fortune at having found Richardson Homes. My husband and I have had a relationship with Richardson Homes for over two years now. During that time we have had contact with most Richardson Homes’ employees. What an amazing staff. The people we have had the pleasure to be in contact with are: Hal, Kym, Claudette, Justin, Brandi, and Josh. Each and every one of these individuals without exception, made our experience with Richardson Homes exceptional.

Our home is nearing completion and I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what an amazing job has been done in building our home. First and foremost I want to acknowledge Hal’s talent. We live in Maryland and because of Hal’s commitment to us in building our custom home at no time did we feel “out of the loop”. Hal kept us informed at each step, and always double checked everything with us to make certain of our selections and how we wanted things done. One room in particular was troublesome from the very beginning and I feared that it would not be as we had wanted. My fears proved to be groundless as Hal worked at it until it was right. Building any custom home is going to have its problems I am sure, but the problems we encountered were solved quickly and without rancor. Hal is an amazing and conscientious superintendent with a good sense of humor, and I cannot praise him enough. Hal went above and beyond in meeting with us in person whenever we could get into town, or via telephone, including Holidays. Has is proven himself to be very conscientious in making sure every aspect of our custom home is what we want – this includes making suggestions that have made our home better. Hal is awesome, awesome, awesome.

I also want to acknowledge the talent of the craftsmen who worked on our home. The carpenter (Larry and Bob) and the tile person (Steve) did exceptional jobs. Our woodwork and tile is absolutely beautiful. I looked for flaws such as little gaps in the trim and have not been able to find any. Once again, I am amazed.

Again, I wish to express my gratitude of your talented and professional staff. I am pleased to be able to say that the whole process of building our dream home has been a very pleasant experience made possible by your wonderful staff. Every one of them have been so helpful, kind and upbeat. Contrary to most business dealing in life today, I never felt that my calls or requests were an intrusion, unimportant or unnecessary to the staff at Richardson Homes.
It is like a breath of fresh air.

It is with heartfelt appreciation that I say to you and everyone at Richardson Homes – JOB WELL DONE!!


Sharon (Sherri) Bartlett

— Sharon (Sherri) Bartlett

QuotesThis letter is to simply thank you for the pleasant experience we shared while you were building our new custom home. We found that the people in your company were very competent and that matters were always handled in a professional and honorable manner. We were especially pleased with Kym in the sales department and with our superintendent,Clay. Clay listened closely to our ideas and desires and then helped those ideas materialize into a beautiful reality. Clay was honest and conscientious. I truly appreciate his efforts. Justin also made the closing process very understandable and there were no surprises. We say “Thank You” for a job well done.

— Mr. and Mrs. James A. Smith

QuotesDear Dennis,

I needed to write you about the experience I had with your company. With all the horror stories that go around about building a home, I must say my experience was NOTHING like a horror story. I definitely had some difficulties in numerous details that led to the building process, but the experience with your staff was tremendous.

I grew up in my fathers business, so when it comes to having an idea about a family ran business, I understand the importance of the people who represent you. Your people represented Richardson very well. You should be happy with the impression they left me and the genuine way they represented the Richardson name!

In sales Kym was wonderful. Very helpful, patient, full of ideas and suggestions. It was a very comfortable atmosphere that allowed me to feel at ease and very objective. She represents you well!

The design team again very helpful, patient, full of ideas and suggestions. They represent you well!

Lesha and Justin, great people with helpful attitudes. They represent you well!

Most importantly though, and the true reason for my letter. Paden!! Whatever you are paying him, it isn’t enough in worth for what he does in representing the “Richardson” name. He truly represents a huge asset to your business. He communicates, he listens, he is patient, yet he is about progress! He doesn’t over promise, but he does over deliver! He returns calls, he makes calls, and he doesn’t dance! His relationship with your contractors has to be at the highest level. Each one was eager to work for him, and eager to share their positive feelings about him.

Growing up in the retail business, it is hard to find people who will take ownership and represent your business as well as you would! Paden is truly a moneymaker for you. Because of Paden, I am quick to share my experience with Richardson every opportunity I get. The reason being, I really appreciated being cared for the way Paden did. So I plan to send you some referrals as I genuinely share my experience with Richardson.

Thank You Dennis,

Sincerely, Chris Foss

— Chris Foss


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