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If you are in the market for a new home, try a custom home builder. Oklahoma City and Shawnee area residents have been trusting Richardson Homes to bring their ideas to life for nearly 25 years. Our luxury custom homes are tailored to fit all your wants and needs when it comes to homeownership, and we work with you every step of the way. Whether our prospective homeowners come to us with a vision or aren’t sure where to start, we guide you through the process so it goes as smoothly as possible. Specializing in rural and city custom home builds, we have seen and done it all. Call us today to learn more!

What Are the Benefits of Building a New Luxury Home?

You might be asking yourself why someone would choose to use custom home builders for their next house rather than buying an existing home. There are several benefits to working with luxury custom home builders to bring your vision to life.

Luxury Custom Homes in Oklahoma City
  • Energy Efficiency – One of the best parts of building a home from the ground up is the energy savings involved. According to ENERGY STAR®, new construction homes are 70% more energy efficient than resale homes. Most of these savings come from better insulation and high-efficient appliances, HVAC systems, windows, and lighting. Unlike custom-built homes, the hidden energy costs of resale homes can be impactful over time.
  • Customized Features – When you build your own custom home you can tailor each room to fit all your wants and needs. Whether that means having an expansive kitchen with granite countertops or a master bathroom with two sinks, the options are seemingly endless. Our custom home designers can walk you through the process of customizing your new home and help you finalize all the details. 
  • Luxury Accommodations – When you build a home with our luxury custom home builders you can ensure the building materials, fixtures, and appliances are of the highest quality so you’re as comfortable as possible in your new home. Some of the luxury home features Richardson Homes offers include whirlpools, ceramic tile, solid oak cabinets, lush high-density carpet, and marble vanity tops. Choosing special finishing touches can also give your home unique personality and flair. 
  • Move-In Ready – When you buy a resale home there might be repairs and renovations needed before it’s ready for move-in day. This process can be exhausting and time-consuming. When your custom-built home is ready for moving in, you don’t have to worry about those last-minute preparations to make your family comfortable. Everything you wanted for your home, including paint and all your appliances, will be ready for you and your family to enjoy.  
  • Working With Trusted Builders – When you have a custom home built with Richardson Homes you can be sure the construction and building materials involved are of the highest quality. We work with some of the best vendors and manufacturers to provide you with the best products for your homes. Our custom homes are built for durability and longevity so you can enjoy lifelong memories with your family for decades to come. 

What Does the Process of Building a Custom Home Involve? 

Our building process is straight-forward and tailored to take the stress away from the new homeowner. You will work with our custom home designers so they can take your visions and turn them into reality. We are committed to open communication with our families from start to finish, including financing and construction, so you won’t feel left out of the building process. The construction of new builds typically takes six to nine months depending on the size of your new home. If you are interested in doing a custom home build on your lot, Richardson Homes is adept at building on existing lots, but keep in mind not every home is possible on every piece of land.

Why Choose Richardson Homes for Your New Build? 

The expert luxury home builders and custom home designers at Richardson Homes have been making homeowners’ dreams come true for more than two decades. Working with our team to custom design every aspect of your home will make it a truly special place for you and your family to live and grow. Contact us today to discuss customizing, designing, and building your dream home.