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Our Home Building Process in Oklahoma, OK

Passionate Custom Home Builder Contractor in Oklahoma

At Richardson Homes, every idea for your dream home is possible, regardless of its size or scope. Our custom home builders in Oklahoma use a proven process that makes design, building, and closing effortless. From the first consultation to welcoming you to your new residence, we'll partner with you and work relentlessly to turn your vision into a reality. We've guided homeowners throughout our process for over 30 years. We can't wait to meet you.
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Step-by-step guide illustrating Richardson Homes' stress-free home-building process in Oklahoma City

Where Your Dream Home Begins

Our process involves meticulous planning and attention to detail before we ever step foot on the build site. We are a fixed-price home builder, meaning we establish your costs before the build and hold ourselves responsible for any expenses that occur afterward. We build on pre-purchased land that our clients have already selected ahead of time. If you don’t have land yet, our team will gladly assist you in finding the perfect location for your dream home.


Let’s Get To Know What You Want

We’ll begin the process by scheduling our first meeting with you and your family. Our team will get to know you and your expectations for the home build. Please provide us with every detail, dream, and desire you have for your home so we can begin creating an initial design.

Initial Designs and Home Ideation

Factoring the information you’ve provided about what you want from your build, our team will make an initial custom design. It will include every aspect of your dream home, including building materials, layouts, and features. The design will be created according to your budget and lifestyle.

Choose Your Ideal Home Style

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Enhance Your Home’s Design and Layout

After getting the initial design and reviewing our style ideas, you should have a clearer picture of how you want your home to look and feel. During this step, we'll continue to refine your design until it resembles your dream home almost precisely.

Home Design Adjustments and Alterations

Your dream home's design is nearly complete! All we need to do is apply the finishing touches, and we'll be ready to begin building. Feel free to make any tweaks, adjustments, and revisions to the design plan so we can proceed to the final review and approval.

Finalize and Approve Your Home Design

The design will be complete only when you are totally satisfied. During the final design phase, you will carefully review it. If you are 100% on board with the design, we’ll provide you with a service agreement to sign. After this step, it’s time for your build to start!

Time for the Real Work to Begin

We’re ready to kick off your home build. From excavating the foundation, ordering materials, constructing your floor plan, installing fixtures and features, and more, we’ll communicate and keep you informed every step of the way. Your dream is nearly a reality.

The Final Walkthrough and Closing

Here's where you'll finally get a taste of your brand-new, customized home. The walkthrough is crucial to ensuring your home meets your standards and expectations. Look through every room and assess every detail. If you love the results, we'll provide the pre-close documents so you can sign them.

Welcome to Your New Home

The big day has arrived. Congratulations! Now, all that’s left to do is pack up, load out, and move yourself and your family to your new home. Enjoy the beautiful, elevated spaces we’ve created based on your unique vision. It’s time for your family to gather, bond, and make everlasting memories.
Richardson Homes' vision of building dream homes in Oklahoma City, OK

Every Dream Home Starts With a Vision

Start your journey to a sublime new home by scheduling a consultation with Richardson Homes. We take our clients’ visions seriously and prioritize them above all else. When we meet with you, you’ll provide us with details regarding what you envision for your home and what you expect. We’ll provide an approximate estimate based on your land, location, and square footage, giving you a clear picture of your project from the very beginning.

Start Achieving Your Dream Home With a Consultation