Budgeting for a New Home

Home Build Budgeting in Oklahoma,OK

Establish an Accurate Home Build Budget in Oklahoma

Has building your own home been a long-standing dream of yours? Do you have a unique vision in mind but are concerned about how to pay for it? If so, Richardson Homes is here to help. We’ve assisted countless homeowners throughout Oklahoma with their home build budgeting. Our state is among the most affordable for building a new residence from scratch. By partnering with us, you will soon realize that bringing your dream home to life is more possible than you ever imagined.
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Hand holding pen over budgeting guide for planning a new home in Oklahoma City

Choosing Your Building Plan

The two building contract pricing types available to you are cost-plus and fixed price. Here’s how they work and how they will determine your build’s final cost:

  • Cost-Plus – You're charged for the cost of materials and labor.
  • Fixed-Price – You establish a price with the builder before the project begins.

Cost-plus prices may change when material costs are altered. If you unexpectedly need more or different materials, you could end up paying more than you want. That's why we recommend a fixed-price to keep your budget stable and within established limits.

Developing Your Home Build Budget

To effectively manage your expenses, it is essential to consider the factors that impact your budget most. When planning the budget for your home construction, Think about the following factors carefully:


Sloped, hilly, or rough land is often more expensive to build upon than smooth, flat land because it makes digging foundations more difficult.

Square Footage

The larger the home, the costlier its building and construction will become. Home size has a significant impact on expenses.


Where do you want to live? City land is more expensive than rural land, so you should heavily consider your new home’s location before building it.

Why Fixed Price Builders Are Best

A fixed-price builder will partner with you to ideate, plan, and develop your project and provide a final build cost. Once the cost is set, you will not be responsible for any additional costs that occur. Expenses resulting from project mistakes or miscalculations will be paid by the builder. Fixed pricing is best because it will save you on any unexpected or additional expenses. Further, it keeps the builder accountable and motivates them to do the best work possible.

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