Will Richardson Homes Build on My Lot? 

For more than 20 years, Richardson Homes has proudly built custom homes throughout Oklahoma. With our team of experienced luxury home design experts, you can custom design every aspect of your home and make it a truly special place to live. 

Home being built on lot

Whether your lot is in a city or rural location, we will work with you every step of the way to turn your new luxury home dreams into reality on your land. But not every home is possible on every piece of land. When you consider hiring a custom home builder, you must first ensure that your land is zoned properly for what you want to build, and understand any factors that can affect whether or not you can build on the lot, such as soil quality, grading issues and/or flooding risks, or specific local laws that can affect your ability to build what you want.

You may need to research whether or not utilities are available, particularly in a rural area where you may need to use a septic system. Richardson Homes is adept at building on existing lots, even in rural areas of Oklahoma. We can work with you before you even purchase land to help you understand whether and how you can build on your lot, or help you understand how best to build on a lot you already own. 

How Much Does it Cost to Build On Your Lot?

One of the advantages of building a custom home on your lot is that the lot price isn’t part of the cost of building the home. So, if you already own the land, your costs could potentially be lower than buying a new home. Many variables go into figuring out how much it will cost to build on your lot, including whether or not the land is already developed, what size and type of house you want, what materials will be used, and where the lot is located. 

Use our calculator to begin the process of figuring out how much it will cost to build your home. This can give you a very general estimate to get you started.


What Size Lot Do I Need To Build a Home? 

Richardson Homes builds on lots of almost any size. We serve clients in both cities and rural locations and have experience dealing with many different lot and home sizes. We can help you decide how much home is right for your lot size.

What Does it Mean to Build on Your Lot?

Building on a lot you own means you get exactly the home you want, top to bottom. Our designers will work with you to create a custom design and build your house wherever your land is located. Remember that when you build on a lot you already own, the lot price is not part of your cost, so it can be less expensive than typical new home builds. 

Can You Build More Than One Home On Your Lot? 

In most cases, it is legal to build more than one home on a lot that you own, but many local rules may govern things like the size and distance between the properties. If you are considering building more than one home on your lot, contact us for a custom quote.

Is it Better to Build On Your Own Lot? 

There are many advantages to building on a lot that you already own. Not only do you get a completely custom-designed home, it can also be significantly less expensive than a regular new home purchase as the lot price is not part of your home building cost. Whether you live in a city or a more rural location, building on your lot gives you maximum control and flexibility in the design of your new home. Contact Richardson Homes today to discuss customizing, designing and building your dream home on your lot.