Chris Foss

I needed to write you about the experience I had with your company. With all the horror stories that go around about building a home, I must say my experience was NOTHING like a horror story. I definitely had some difficulties in numerous details that led to the building process, but the experience with your staff was tremendous.

I grew up in my fathers business, so when it comes to having an idea about a family ran business, I understand the importance of the people who represent you. Your people represented Richardson very well. You should be happy with the impression they left me and the genuine way they represented the Richardson name!

In sales Kym was wonderful. Very helpful, patient, full of ideas and suggestions. It was a very comfortable atmosphere that allowed me to feel at ease and very objective. She represents you well!

The design team again very helpful, patient, full of ideas and suggestions. They represent you well!

Lesha and Justin, great people with helpful attitudes. They represent you well!

Most importantly though, and the true reason for my letter. Paden!! Whatever you are paying him, it isn’t enough in worth for what he does in representing the “Richardson” name. He truly represents a huge asset to your business. He communicates, he listens, he is patient, yet he is about progress! He doesn’t over promise, but he does over deliver! He returns calls, he makes calls, and he doesn’t dance! His relationship with your contractors has to be at the highest level. Each one was eager to work for him, and eager to share their positive feelings about him.

Growing up in the retail business, it is hard to find people who will take ownership and represent your business as well as you would! Paden is truly a moneymaker for you. Because of Paden, I am quick to share my experience with Richardson every opportunity I get. The reason being, I really appreciated being cared for the way Paden did. So I plan to send you some referrals as I genuinely share my experience with Richardson.

Thank You